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Geography Quiz #9 – ANSWERS

The total of all the numbers is 1923.

1.  How many states in the United States? 50

2.  The Former Soviet Union -- How many independent nation/states did it become? 15

3.  How many members of the UN as of 1 January 1997? 185

4.  Population of the Earth in US billions as of 1 January 1997, rounded to the nearest billion (and expressed as a single digit). 6

5.  Number of colors in the flag of Mauritius. 4 (Horizontal Stripes of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

6.  Number of US states that begin and end with the same letter. 4 (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Ohio)

7.  Number of hours, expressed as a positive number, between Pacific Standard Time and Greenwich Mean (Coordinated Universal) Time. 8

8.  Number of moons of Mars. 2 (Deimos, Phobos)

9.  Number of Landlocked Countries in South America. 2 (Bolivia & Paraguay)

10. The number of duties required of every practicing Muslim, TIMES the number of times a day every practicing Muslim must pray. 25 (5 duties; prayer 5 times per day)

11. Height, in stories, of the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. 70

12. Number of different people who have been Prime Minister of Canada, from MacDonald to Chretien. 20

13. How many times Brazil's teams have been World Cup soccer champions. 5 (as of 2002).

14. Value, in Rupiah, of the bill with an orang utan on the back. (Alternate: the value in dollars of the US bill showing McKinley.) 500

15. Number of justices on the US Supreme Court. 9

16. Highest possible number of degrees of latitude -- i.e., the latitude of the North or South Pole. 90

17. Wind speed, in Miles Per Hour, of the highest wind ever recorded on Earth (at Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, USA.) 231

18. Worldwide total number of Reactors for Nuclear Power in operation on 1 January 1997. 437

19. If Nichiyobi (Sunday) is day 1 in Japan, what number is Kinyobi. 6 (Nichi, Getsu, Ka, Sui, Moku, Kin, Do)

20. International Direct-Dial Country Code for Kenya. 254

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