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Daily Trivia Archive for October 2012

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for Oct 01: Which is the only continent without a desert?
    Answer: Europe
  • Question for Oct 02: What is the capital of Laos -- in French? in Lao?
    Answer: Vientiane; Viangchan
  • Question for Oct 03: Name the smallest island shared by two countries.
    Answer: Saint Martin / Sint Maarten
  • Question for Oct 04: The Straits of Gibraltar connect the Atlantic to what body of water?
    Answer: The Mediterranean
  • Question for Oct 05: Name the highest peak in Canada.
    Answer: Mt Logan, in the Yukon, 5959 meters, 19,551 feet.
  • Question for Oct 06: Most of Reykjavik, Iceland, is heated by an abundant supply of what?
    Answer: Geo-Thermal Energy in the form of Hot Springs.
  • Question for Oct 07: What country has the largest number of the world's active volcanoes?
    Answer: Indonesia has 10% of the world's active volcanoes
  • Question for Oct 08: Which U.S. state has the longest coastline?
    Answer: Alaska (then Florida, California, Hawai'i)
  • Question for Oct 09: Where and when were practical windmills first used?
    Answer: Iran, 7th Century AD
  • Question for Oct 10: in which country are you likely to be greeted by people sticking their tongues out at you?
    Answer: Tibet
  • Question for Oct 11: What's the biggest airport (in area) in the world? In the US?
    Answer: Saudi Arabia, King Fahd International, about 300 square miles; Denver International, 53 square miles
  • Question for Oct 12: What common breakfast food was named for a Roman goddess whose statues sit atop the Missouri and Vermont Capitals?
    Answer: Cereal, names for Ceres, the goddess of fruit and grains
  • Question for Oct 13: In which country did the Greek philosopher Pythagoras learn the Pythagorean theorem?
    Answer: Egypt
  • Question for Oct 14: The White Sea borders the Arctic Ocean and one country. Name the country.
    Answer: Russia
  • Question for Oct 15: The Greek national anthem is notable for what feature?
    Answer: It's the longest national anthem by length of text -- 158 stanzas.
  • Question for Oct 16: In which country can you find a monument showing a cow climbing a flagpole?
    Answer: Latvia, in the town of Venspils, "The Curious Cow".
  • Question for Oct 17: What is the approximate median age of the world's population (half older, half younger)?
    Answer: 28.4 years
  • Question for Oct 18: Name the world's two busiest airports, one by passenger traffic and one by aircraft arrivals and departures?
    Answer: One airport is both: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
  • Question for Oct 19: What is the world's 3rd tallest mountain, following Everest and K2?
    Answer: Kangchenjunga
  • Question for Oct 20: How many earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above occur on average each year?
    Answer: 18, one of which is 8 or higher
  • Question< for Oct 21: What gas is most prevalent in the Earth's atmosphere?
    Answer: Nitrogen
  • Question for Oct 22: What is the one Central American country where you cannot swim in the Caribbean?
    Answer: El Salvador
  • Question for Oct 23: After English, what are the next three most widely spoken languages of India?
    Answer: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu
  • Question for Oct 24: After English and French, what are the three next most widely spoken languages of Canada?
    Answer: According to Statcan, they are Chinese, Italian, and German
  • Question for Oct 25: The Country of Namibia was fermerly known as what?
    Answer: Southwest Africa, and before that German Southwest Africa
  • Question for Oct 26: Where is the Arafura Sea?
    Answer: Between Australia and Indonesia
  • Question for Oct 27: The US is the leading producer of genetically-modified crops. What countries come next?
    Answer: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China
  • Question for Oct 28: Crater Lake National Park is in which US state?
    Answer: Oregon
  • Question for Oct 29: The GUM department store is found in which city?
    Answer: Moscow, near Red Square
  • Question for Oct 30: Which is the only city in the world to have an independent country within its boundaries?
    Answer: Rome (Vatican City)
  • Question for Oct 31: What European country still has territory in South America?
    Answer: France -- French Guiana
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