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Daily Trivia Archive -- MAY 2012

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for May 1: Seven great rivers begin in the Himalayas; name one or more.
    Answer: Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus, Irawaddy, Mekong, Huang Ho (Yellow R.), Chang Ho (Yangtze R.).
  • Question for May 2: For each of these deserts, name one or two countries -- Gobi, Arabian, Kalahari, Namib, Sahara
    Answer: Gobi -- Mongolia & China; Arabian -- Egypt and Sudan; Kalahari -- Namibia, South Africa, Botswana; Namib -- Namibia, Angola; Sahara -- Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, etc
  • Question for May 3: Name the mountain range that separates France and Spain (and where you'll find Andorra).
    Answer: The Pyrenees
  • Question for May 4: Name the mountain range that stretches across most of North Africa.
    Answer: Atlas Mountains
  • Question for May 5: Name the mountain range that divides Europe from Asia.
    Answer: The Ural Mountains
  • Question for May 6: Name the mountain range that runs the length of Italy, where you will find San Marino.
    Answer: The Appennines
  • Question for May 7: What are the Benelux countries?
    Answer: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • Question for May 8: Name the mountain range across Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.
    Answer: The Carpathian Alps
  • Question for May 9: Name the 5 African countries that touch the Mediterranean.
    Answer: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt
  • Question for May 10: Name the 2 landlocked countries of South America
    Answer: Bolivia and Paraguay
  • Question for May 11: Where is the lowest measured point on the Earth's surface that is NOT underwater?
    Answer: Antarctica. The Bentley Subglacial Trench has been measured at 8,327 feet Below seal level
  • Question May 12: A great deal of Australia's "outback" is classified as desert. Identify the three largest deserts
    Answer: Gibson, Great Sandy, Great Victoria
  • Question for May 13: T/F -- Reno, NV is WEST of Santa Barbara, CA.
    Answer: True; Reno is 6 miles west of Santa Barbara
  • Question for May 14: What four national capitals are located on the Danube River?
    Answer: Vienna(Austria), Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Question for May 15: Five seas lie north of Russia in the Arctic; name them.
    Answer: From West to East. White Sea, Barents Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, East Siberian Sea
  • Question for May 16: What is the latitude of the North Pole?
    Answer: 90 degrees north
  • Question for May 17: What city is found at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers?
    Answer: Philadelphia
  • Question for May 18: What city is found at the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers?
    Answer: Albany
  • Question for May 19: Old name, Rangoon, Burma. New name?
    Answer: Yangon, Myanmar
  • Question for May 20: Old Name -- Salsibury, Rhodesia. New Name?
    Answer: Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Question for May 21: Of the 10 largest natural lakes in the world, 3 are in Asia. Name them.
    Answer: Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Baykal
  • Question for May 22: Country -- Australia. Capital? Name the states?
    Answer: Capital -- Canberra; States -- Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, plus Australia Capital Territory.
  • Question for May 23: Country -- Brazil. Capital?
    Answer: Brasilia
  • Question for May 24: Which of the Great Lakes is entirely within the borders of the US?
    Answer: Lake Michigan
  • Question for May 25: Country -- Cote D'Ivoire. Capital?
    Answer: Yamoussoukro
  • Question for May 26: Name the Benelux Countries
    Answer: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • Question for May 27: Country -- Nigeria. Capital?
    Answer: Abuja
  • Question for May 28: What sea separates Australia and New Zealand?
    Answer: The Tasman Sea
  • Question for May 29: Name the two landlocked countries of South America
    Answer: Bolivia and Paraguay
  • Question for May 30: What FOUR national capitals are located on the Danube River?
    Answer: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade
  • Question for May 31: : In English, it is called the English Channel. What is it called in French? In Japanese?
    Answer: French -- La Manche (the sleeve); Jaanese -- Eifutsu Kaikyo (The England-France Channel).
  • Question

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