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Daily Trivia Archive -- MARCH 2012

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for March 1: What is the lowest and saltiest sea on Earth?
    Answer: The Dead Sea, bordering Jordan to the East, and Israel and the West Bank to the West, sits 423 meters, or 1,388 feet, below sea level. It is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.
  • Question for March 2: What is Canada's longest river? Is it longer or shorter than the Mississippi?
    Answer: The Mackenzie River, at 2,635 miles, is longer than the Mississippi by 295 miles.
  • Question for March 3: What's the largest island in the Caribbean?
    Answer: Cuba; second largest is Hispaniola
  • Question for March 4: Of the four highest-populated cities in the world, one is in South America; which one, and where does it rank?
    Answer: Sao Paulo, Brazil is Number 3; (Tokyo 1, NYC 2, Mexico City 4)
  • Question for March 5: Where does the Amazon rank among world rivers?
    Answer: Second, after the Nile.
  • Question for March 6: How many times has Brazil been World Cup soccer champion.
    Answer: Five times -- 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002.
  • Question for March 7: What is the highest possible number of degrees of latitude -- i.e. the latitude of the North or South Pole
    Answer: 90 degrees North for the North Pole, 90 degrees South for the South Pole
  • Question for March 8: What European country has an ISO code of CH -- internet domain is .CH, automobile tag says CH? What does CH stand for?
    Answer: CH=Switzerland; Confoederatio Helvetica
  • Question for March 9: How fast does The Earth rotates around its axis -- ie, how fast would you have to fly to keep the sun overhead continuously?
    Answer: Just over 1000 MPH (to be exact, 1038.73 MPH) at the Equator; slower at higher latitudes.
  • Question for March 10: What state is the source of the largest number of US Presidents?
    Answer: Virginia (8) Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, W.H. Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Wilson. Ohio is second with 7: Grant, Hayes, Garfield, B. Harrison. McKinley, Taft, Harding
  • Question for March 11: Which state extends further north -- Maine or Idaho?
    Answer: Idaho extends 60 miles further north
  • Question for March 12: The mainland U.S. is approximately 3000 miles from East to West, and so is China. The U.S. has 4 time zones. How many time zones does China have?
    Answer: China has ONE time zone, 8 hours ahead of GMT
  • Question for March 13: Of the 10 Highest Mountains in the U.S., how many are in Alaska?
    Answer: All -- the 11 highest mountains in the U.S. are in Alaska
  • Question for March 14: Give the present names of these three colonial holdings in Central and South America: British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, French Guiana.
    Answer: Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana
  • Question for March 15: One country has both the wettest and driest places on Earth. What country, and what are the places?
    Answer: The US -- Kauai, HI, and Death Valley, CA (some sources say the Atacama in Chile is drier)
  • Question for March 16: Name the country with the highest low point of all countries.
    Answer: Lesotho's low point is in the Drakenberg Mountains along the source of the Orange River, approximately one mile above sea level.
  • Question for March 17: The height of Everest (or Sagarmatha in Nepali, or Chomolungma its Tibetan name) in thousands of feet, expressed as a 2-digit number.
    Answer: 29. The elevation of Everest is officially recognized by China and Nepal to be 29,029 feet
  • Question for March 18: Minus-40 degrees Celsius expressed as degrees Fahrenheit
    Answer: Minus 40 Celsius is Minus 40 Fahrenheit, the one point where the two scales intersect
  • Question for March 19: World Population rounded to nearest billion
    Answer: 7. The U.S. Census Bureau puts world population today at 7,001,474,158
  • Question for March 20: On an airplane recently, I asked my seatmate where he was from, and he said to me "I am Fyromese". Explain what Fyrom is.
    Answer: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, called FYROM in the UN because Greece has a prior claim to the use of the name Macedonia.
  • Question for March 21: Denomination in Euros of the note showing Gothic Architecture
    Answer: 20 Euros
  • Question For March 22: Greenland is how many times bigger than Texas?
    Answer: Greenland is 3 times larger than Texas (822,706 Sq Mi vs 268,82Sq. Mi)
  • Question for March 23: Which 4 U.S. states have boundaries that consist only of straight lines?
    Answer: Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico
  • Question for March 24: Which state or states have boundaries that consist of no straight lines at all?
    Answer: Hawai'i
  • Question for March 25: Which state or states have boundaries that include the arc of a circle?
    Answer: Delaware and Pennsylvania
  • Question for March 26: What is the smallest number of states you would have to pass through traveling from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast?
    Answer: 7 States: North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California
  • Question for March 27: What is the smallest number of states you would have to pass through going from Canada to Mexico?
    Answer: 3; Washington, Oregon, California
  • Question for March 28: What states border on the greatest number of other states?
    Answer: Tennessee and Missouri both border on 8 other states.
  • Question for March 29: Which states have rivers flowing into both the Atlantic and the Pacific?
    Answer: States in which the Great Divide is located have rivers that eventually flow into both Atlantic and Pacific. Among these are Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.
  • Question for March 30: What three foreign countries are the closest neighbors of the U.S.?
    Answer: Canada, Mexico, and Russia
  • Question for March 31: Name the political sub-units that make up the U.K., and their capitals.
    Answer: England (London), Wales (Cardiff), Scotland (Edinburgh), N. Ireland (Belfast).
  • Question for April 1 available at My Facebook Page
    Answer: posted here April 1
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