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Daily Trivia Archive -- JULY 12

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for July 1: Name the 13 administrative units of Canada (10 Provinces and 3 territories)
    Answer: Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
  • Question for July 2: The US has 2 types of rainforests -- both temperate and tropical -- where?
    Answer: Temperate -- Washington State; Tropical -- Hawai'i
  • Question for July 3: New York City is divided into five boroughs. Name them.
    Answer: Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island
  • Question for July 4: What state was the birthplace of the largest number of US Presidents, and what states come next on the list?
    Answer: July 4: Virginia (8), Ohio (7), New York and Massachusetts (4), Texas, Vermont, and North Carolina (2), and California, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Hawai'i (1 each)
  • Question for July 5: Count Dracula came from Transylvania. In what country do you find Transylvania?
    Answer: Romania
  • Question for July 6: What advice would you give people traveling to Africa to avoid the dangers of Bilharzia, Malaria, and Yellow Fever?
    Answer: Immunizations; Malaria pills; Don't swim in any fresh water; Use insect repellent, especially after dark; Sleep under mosquito netting.
  • Question for July 7: How long does it take the Earth to complete its orbit around the sun?
    Answer: 365.25 Days (actually 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, and 9.5 seconds)
  • Question for July 8: Three African nations created inland capitals to draw people away from their coastal cities Abidjan, Lagos, and Dar es Salaam. Name the countries and capitals.
    Answer: Abidjan, Ivory Coast -- New capital: Yamoussoukro; Lagos, Nigeria -- New capital, Abuja; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania -- New capital, Dodoma.
  • Question for July 9: Name the country with the highest low point of all countries in the world.
    Answer: Lesotho's low point, in the Drakenberg Range, along the source of the Orange River, is approximately 1 mile above sea level.
  • Question for July 10: What is -40 Celsius expressed as degrees Fahrenheit?
    Answer: -40 Celsius = -40 Fehrenheit
  • Question for July 11: Of the world's 20 largest urban areas, 12 are in Asia. How many can you name?
    Answer: Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Calcutta, Tianjin, Seoul, Karachi, Delhi, Manila, Osaka
  • Question for July 12: Name the highest and lowest points in Asia.
    Answer: Mt. Everest (Nepal-Tibet) is 29,028 ft above sea level; Dead Sea (Israel-Jordan) is 1,312 ft. below
  • Question for July 13: Name the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council.
    Answer: China, France, Russia, UK, US
  • Question for July 14: What US state or states have boundaries that include the arc of a circle?
    Answer: Delaware, Pennsylvania
  • Question for July 15: What is the smallest number of states you could pass through traveling from the US East Coast to the West Coast?
    Answer: 7 States: North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California.
  • Question for July 16: What three countries are the closest neighbors of the US?
    Answer: Canada, Mexico, Russia
  • Question for July 17: U.S. Capital Cities To Unscramble PALOIMY, GRINDISELPF, BISRUGHRAR, SLONAPAIN, LEGHIRA, GROOMETYNM
    Answer: Olympia, Springfield, Harrisburg, Annapolis, Raleigh, Montgomery
  • Question for July 18: How do you account for the relatively mild climate of Western Europe despite its northern location?
    Answer: The jet stream circling clockwise over the North Atlantic carries warm air into Western Europe.
  • Question for July 19: In what direction does the Earth rotate? (North, South, East, West?)
    Answer: The Earth rotates East
  • Question for July 20: What mounain range(s) divide Europe from Asia?
    Answer: The Urals; The Caucasus Mountains
  • Question for July 21: What river is Egypt's main source of water?
    Answer: The Nile
  • Question for July 22: The top 5 languages of India are Hindi, Bengali, and what 3 others?
    Answer: Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil
  • Question for July 23: Approx. how many degrees of longitude make up one time zone?
    Answer: Approximately 15; the 360 degrees of the Earth’s circle is divided into 24 segments, each representing one hour; there is a provision for local changes by individual countries.
  • Question for July 24: Name the country where you will find these cities -- Buchanan, Fish Town, Harper, Virginia, Clay-Ashland, Bensonville.
    Answer: Liberia
  • Question for July 25: What mountain range separates France and Spain?
    Answer: The Pyrenees
  • Question for July 26: In what US state will you find the towns of Big Canoe and Little Norway?
    Answer: Tennessee
  • Question for July 27: In what US state will you find the towns of Big Square and Little Pittsburgh?
    Answer: Virginia
  • Question for July 28: World capitals to unscramble: abstravail, airbasil, antivenie, artain, asasun, atwota
    Answer: Bratislava, Brasilia, Vientiane, Tirana, Nassau, Ottawa.
  • Question for July 29: World capitals to unscramble: blauk, bracener, brainio, cubeshart, danula, gatosian, glapuegitac
    Answer: Kabul, Canberra, Nairobi, Bucharest, Luanda, Santiago, Tegucigalpa
  • Question for July 30: How many hectares in a square kilometer?
    Answer: 100
  • Question for July 31: World capitals to unscramble: goboat, greabz, grisela, honkwide, hotaucknot, jibegin, jakvikery, janmdean
    Answer: Bogota, Zagreb, Algiers, Windhoek, Nouakchott, Beijing, Reykjavik, Ndjamena.

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