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Daily Trivia Archive -- FEBRUARY 12

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for Feb 3: There are RAIN FORESTS all over the world -- But does the US have any rain forests? If so, where?
    Answer: The US has both temperate (in Washington State) and Tropical (in Hawai'i) Rainforests
  • Question for Feb 4: True or False: Reno, Nevada is WEST of Santa Barbara, California.
    Answer: True; Reno is slightly more than 6 miles west of Santa Barbara
  • Question for Feb 5: Which state goes further north -- Maine or Idaho? (don't look at a map)
    Answer: Idaho (extends approx. 60 miles further north than Maine
  • Question for Feb 6: Of the 10 highest mountains in the U.S., how many are in Alaska?
    Answer: All of them
  • Question for Feb 7: One country has both the wettest and driest places on Earth. What country, and what are the places?
    Answer: The U.S. -- Kauai, Hawai'i, and Death Valley, CA. *Note: some resources say the Atacama Desert in Chile is drier than Death Valley, others say Death Valley is drier. Both have barely measurable rainfall.
  • Question for Feb 8: True or False: The country with the longest coastline in the world is Canada?
    Answer: True
  • Question for Feb 9: Five countries and territories in the Caribbean include the word AND in their names. Can you name one or more?
    Answer: Trinidad AND Tobago; St Vincent AND the Grenadines; Antigua AND Barbuda; St. Kitts AND Nevis; Turks AND Caicos
  • Question for Feb 10: Name all the countries in the world larger than Canada.
    Answer: Russia
  • Question for Feb 11: True or False -- most of the people of South America are Brazilian, most of the land of South America is Brazilian.
    Answer: True -- more than half the people, more than half the land
  • Question for Feb 12: Name 4 U.S. states that end with the same letter they begin with.
    Answer: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Ohio
  • Question for Feb 13: How many U.N. Member Nations as of 1 January 2012? What is the newest member?
    Answer: 193 Members; Newest is South Sudan (capital Juba)
  • Question for Feb 14: Name four countries considered part of Africa that end with the same letter they begin with in their English names.
    Answer: Algeria, Angola, Central African Republic, Seychelles
  • Question for Feb 15:Identify the English names for the places whose names, in their own languages, are Kalaallit Nunaat, Island, Pais Korsou
    Answer: Greenland, Iceland, Curacao
  • Question for Feb 16: What U.S. State has the LOWEST High Point?
    Answer: Florida. Britton Hill is at 345 feet above sea level
  • Question for Feb 17: What South Asian city is the Earth's largest producer of feature films?
    Answer: Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The movie studio complex is known as Bollywood.7
  • Question for Feb 18: Canada has three of the world's ten largest islands. Name one.
    Answer: Baffin Is., (5th largest island); Ellesmere Is., (9th), Victoria Is., (10th)
  • Question for Feb 19: Not counting English, there are 5 languages in South America spoken as a first language by at least 1 million people. Name ONE
    Answer: Portuguese, with 162 million speakers is first; Spanish, with 143 million is next. These are followed by Quechua (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador) with 8 million, Guarani (Paraguay) with 4 million, and Aymara (Bolivia & Peru) with 2 million speakers.
  • Question for Feb 20: One country contains both the highest and lowest points of South America. Name the country and the points.
    Answer: Argentina: Mt Aconcagua (22,834 feet); Valdes Peninsula, 131 feet below sea level.
  • Question for Feb 21: Which of New York City's 5 boroughs are on the mainland.
    Answer: Only one of New York City's five boroughs is on the mainland. Manhattan and Staten Island are islands in their own right, and Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. Only the Bronx is on the mainland.
  • Question for Feb 22: Is Marthas Vineyard (MA) correctly spelled with or without a possessive apostrophe?
    Answer: With an aposophe: Martha's Vineyard
  • Question for Feb 23: To make the Panama Canal trip by boat from the Atlantic to the Pacific, do you travel East or West?
    Answer: The curves in the Isthmus of Panama have resulted in a bizarre situation where a traveler from Atlantic to Pacific must go from west to east.
  • Question for Feb 24: T/F The quickest way to get to Canada from Detroit is to go North.
    Answer: False; The quickest route from Detroit to Canada is SOUTH, not North.
  • Question for Feb 25: Which of the Great Lakes lie wholly within the United States?
    Answer: Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes that lies wholly within the US
  • Question for Feb 26: T/F Florida has the southernmost point of the US states
    Answer: False; Hawai'i is the southernmost state, by almost 400 miles
  • Question for Feb 27: T/F South America is West of Jacksonville, Florida
    Answer: False. Just the opposite is true. ALL of South America is EAST of Jacksonville.
  • Question for Feb 28: Name the largest and deepest bodies of FRESH water in the world.
    Answer: Lake Superior, on the US/Canada border, has the largest surface area. The deepest lake is Lake Baikal, Siberia.
  • Question for Feb 29: Why do we need Leap Years and Leap Days?
    Answer: It takes the Earth about 365 and 1/4 days to circle the sun (actually 365.242199 days). Our calendar has only 365 days, so every 4 years, we add a day, to keep the calendar and the Earth in sync.
  • Trivia After Feb 2012 accessible at The Main Trivia Archive Page

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