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Daily Trivia Archive

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz for December 2012 found on my facebook page

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  • Question for Dec 1: What is Earth's circumference at the Equator, to the nearest 1000 miles or kms?
    Answer: 24,901.55 Miles, 40,075.16 km.
  • Question for Dec 2: What is the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth, and where?
    Answer: 134 F (56.7 C) at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, CA, 10 July 1913
  • Question for Dec 3: What is Earth's circumference around the Poles?
    Answer: 24,859.82 miles, 40,008 KM. See Dec 1 -- Earth's a bit bigger around the Equator than around the Poles.
  • Question for Dec 4: What is the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth, and where?
    Answer: -128.5 F, -89.2 C, Vostok, Antarctica, 21 July 1983
  • Question for Dec 5: The Equator passes through the land or water of 13 countries. How many can you name?
    Answer: Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Republic of The Congo, Democratic Republic of The Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia, Kiribati, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil
  • Question for Dec 6: What was the former name of Ho Chi Minh City?
    Answer: Saigon
  • Question for Dec 7: What country makes up more than half the coastline of Western South America?
    Answer: Chile
  • Question for Dec 8: What continent is located at 90 degrees South Latitude?
    Answer: Antarctica
  • Question for Dec 9: What capital city lies on Lake Burley Griffin, near Mount Mugga Mugga?
    Answer: Canberra
  • Question for Dec 10: What capital city is the largest city in the world the did not exist 100 years ago?
    Answer: Brasilia
  • Question for Dec 11: What major Canadian city is on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers?
    Answer: Winnipeg
  • Question for Dec 12: Four towns were evacuated and submerged when this huge reservoir was created in Massachuesetts. Name?
    Answer: Quabbin Reservoir
  • Question for Dec 13: What 5 US states are included in the "Ring of Fire"?
    Answer: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawai'i
  • Question for Dec 14: Eight nations have territory north of the Arctic Circle. How many can you name?
    Answer: Canada, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, the United States
  • Question for Dec 15: At least 4 countries have flags that contain only the colors blue and yellow. Names?
    Answer: Kazakhstan, Palay, Sweden, Ukraine, and the European Union
  • Question for Dec 16: Only one country has a flag with just a single color. Name it.
    Answer: Libya
  • Question for Dec 17: The Grand Coulee Dam was created to block what river that flows through Canada and the Northwest US?
    Answer: The Columbia River
  • Question for Dec 18: What are the Easternmost and Westernmost points of the 50 United States (all 50 states, without outlying territories).
    Answer: West Quoddy Head, Maine, and Peaked Island, just off Cape Wrangell, Alaska
  • Question for Dec 19: Which is the only US state without a National Park?
    Answer: Delaware
  • Question for Dec 20: What is the capital of Slovakia?
    Answer: Bratislava
  • Question for Dec 21: Ancient Abyssinia is now what country?
    Answer: Ethiopia
  • Question for Dec 22: Name the capital of Moldova.
    Answer: Chisinau
  • Question for Dec 23: What city park features a zoo, an obelisk, a carousel, and a statue of Alice in Wonderland?
    Answer: Central Park, NY
  • Question for Dec 24: The smallest national park is located in Pennsylvania. Name it.
    Answer: Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial, in Philadelphia
  • Question for Dec 25: In what year was 25 December officially declared the birth date of Christ, and by whom?
    Answer: Pope Julius I, in 320 CE
  • Question for Dec 26: Why is Dec 26 called Boxing Day?
    Answer: An 'Alms Box' was placed in every church on Christmas Day, into which worshippers placed a gift for the poor of the parish. These boxes were always opened the day after Christmas, the day now known as Boxing Day.
  • Question for Dec 27: Name the only Great Lake that is completely within US borders.
    Answer: Lake Michigan
  • Question for Dec 28: Christmas Island -- where is it, what country is it part of, when was it named?
    Answer: Pacific Ocean, North of New Zealand, part of the Republic of Kiribati; names 1643, on Christmas Day.
  • Question for Dec 29: Name the Norwegian explorer who beat Scott to the South Pole.
    Answer: Amundsen
  • Question for Dec 30: What two major Mediterranean islands are part of Italy?
    Answer: Sicily and Sardinia
  • Question for Dec 31: What nations are the first ones to arrive at Midnight Dec 31, and enter Jan 1, the New Year?
    Answer: Kiribati and Samoa, then 15 minutes later the Chatham Islands, then 45 minutes after that, New Zealand.

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