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Daily Trivia Archive August 2012

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for August 1: On which of the Great Lakes will you find Port Huron? Toronto? Chicago? Cleveland? Duluth?
    Answer: HOMES -- Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
  • Question for Aug 2: One country has the four tallest mountains in the Pacific Basin. Name the country and the mountains.
    Answer: Papua New Guinea. Jaya (16,500'), Trikora (15,585'), Mandala (15,420'), and Wilhelm (14,793')
  • Question for Aug 3: In Asia, the country with the highest GDP per person? The country with the lowest?
    Answer: Highest, Qatar; Lowest, IMF says Afghanistan, World Bank and CIA say Timor-Leste.
  • Question for Aug 4: These places border seas of the Pacific; name the seas -- 1. Australia and New Zealand; 2. Australia and Solomon Islands
    Answer: Tasman Sea; Coral Sea
  • Question for Aug 5: Name the highest peak in Australia.
    Answer: Mt Kosciusko, 7,310 Feet
  • Question for Aug 6: These places border seas of the Pacific; name the seas. 1. Darwin and New Guinea; 2. Sulawesi and Mindanao
    Answer: Arafura Sea; Celebes Sea
  • Question for Aug 7: World capitals to unscramble: knishile, neveray, phonagence, plaza, pomblean, ragobone, rosajave, rumsea
    Answer: Helsinki, Yerevan, Copenhagen, La Paz, Belmopan, Gaborone, Sarajevo, Maseru
  • Question for Aug 8: What is the main city from which Finnair flies? KLM? TAP? JAL? Garuda?
    Answer: Helsinki, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Tokyo, Jakarta
  • Question for Aug 9: The four deepest ocean trenches measure over 10,000 meters below sea level. Name these four trenches.
    Answer: Mariana, Tonga, Philippine, Kermadec
  • Question for Aug 10: A great deal of Australia's outback is classified as desert. Identify the three largest deserts.
    Answer: Gibson, Great Sandy, Great Victoria
  • Question for Aug 11: Australia is divided into seven states plus one capital territory. Name the states, and their capitals.
    Answer: New South Wales, Sydney; Northern Territory, Darwin; Queensland, Brisbane; South Australia, Adelaide; Tasmania, Hobart; Victoria, Melbourne; Western Australia, Perth; (Aust. Capital Territory, Canberra)
  • Question for Aug 12: Name the four main islands of the Federated States of Micronesia
    Answer: Chuuk (Truk); Pohnpei (Ponape); Kosrae; Yap
  • Question for Aug 13: The Republic of the Marshall Islands is made up of two chains of islands -- the Ratak Islands in the East, and the Ralik in the West. What do Ratak and Ralik mean?
    Answer: Ratak -- Sunrise; Ralik -- Sunset.
  • Question for Aug 14: More World Capitals to unscramble: Sociana, spedbaut, trogbewind, umbrujaub, unibag, unihasic, upager, urlejames, vairmoon, whenlied.
    Answer: Nicosia, Budapest, Bridgetown, Bujumbura, Bangui, Chisinau, Prague, Jerusalem, Monrovia, New Delhi
  • Question for Aug 15: These places border seas of the Pacific; name the seas. 1. Philippines and Guam 2. Indonesia and Malaysia
    Answer: 1. Java Sea; 2. Philippine Sea
  • Question for Aug 16: Identify the feature and location for each of these "echo" names: Wagga Wagga, Pago Pago, Bora Bora, Avu Avu
    Answer: City, Australia; City, Cap. of Am. Samoa; Island, Fr. Polynesia; City, Solomon Islands
  • Question for Aug 17: What countries lie within both Europe and Asia?
    Answer: Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan
  • Question for Aug 18: Five seas lie north of Russia in the Arctic; name them from West to East.
    Answer: White, Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian
  • Question for Aug 19: Which is the only one of the four great oceans from which you cannot sail directly into a Russian port?
    Answer: The Indian Ocean. Russia has ports on the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic (via the Baltic).
  • Question for Aug 20: One of the world's tallest active volcanoes is located in Russia; what is its name, and where is it located?
    Answer: Kliuchevskoi, located on the Kamchatka Peninsula, has an elevation of 15, 863 feet above sea level.
  • Question for Aug 21: The eighth largest lake in the world is also the world's deepest. Name it.
    Answer: Lake Baykal, in eastern Russia near Mongolia, has an area over 12,000 square miles, and a depth of 5,315 feet
  • Question for Aug 22: What are the new names for Truk, Bombay, Rangoon?
    Answer: Chuuk, Mumbai, Yangon
  • Question for Aug 23: Cities on the Equator have very hot, very humid weather. But Nairobi rarely exceeds 80 degrees F., with pleasant humidity. Why should this be so?
    Answer: Nairobi is at an altitude of about 5500 feet, about 1680 meters.
  • Question for Aug 24: Identify Nunavut; what is its capital? what does the word mean?
    Answer: First Nations territory in NE Canada; capital is Iqaluit, on Frobisher Bay; Nunavut means "our land" in Inuktitut
  • Question for Aug 25: How many confirmed moons does Jupiter have?
    Answer: 66
  • Question for Aug 26: Which US state extends farthest East (in degrees of longitude from Greenwich)?
    Answer: Alaska. Attu is at 173 degrees East, while Amchitka and Semissophchnoi are both at 179 degrees East of Greenwich, as far East as it's possible to go.
  • Question for Aug 27: What river crosses northern Italk and flows into the Adriatic?
    Answer: The Po River
  • Question for Aug 28: What sea separates Australia and New Zealand?
    Answer: The Tasman Sea
  • Question for Aug 29: In what country will you find the cities of Chelm and Radom?
    Answer: Poland
  • Question for Aug 30: "Hello" in two languages -- name the languages -- Wo Hala Po; Yo Napot Kivanok
    Answer: Oshiwambo, Hungarian
  • Question for Aug 31: In what country do you find the cities of Orange Walk and Toledo?
    Answer: Belize
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