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Quiz # 3 -- Answers

"Mapping The World By Heart" Answers To Quiz #3
1. West

2. East

3. Idaho (approx. 60 miles further north!)

4. Only one single Time Zone. All of China is on Beijing time, 8 hrs ahead of GMT

5. South -- Hawaii
North, West, and East -- Alaska. The reason Alaska is furthest East is that part of the Aleutian Islands crosses 180, which is the line of longitude that separates measurements East of Greenwich from those West of Greenwich.

6. Pensacola is furthest West

7. Chicago is further East -- actually just about due North of Mobile, AL

8. Denmark. Its dependency, Greenland, gives it a total area of 856,000 sq. miles, about 1/3 the size of the U.S.

9. There are 66 communities named Fairview, 52 named Midway, 44 called Oak Grove, 40 named Franklin, 28 called Jefferson, and 27 each for Lincoln and Washington.

10. They are matched up. A = 1, etc. What is demonstrated here is the long-lasting power of colonialism in the 19th Century. Many countries, becoming newly independent in the 20th Century, kept their familiar unit of currency. The Turkish Lira, though, does not reflect modern colonialism; it gets its name from the same source as the Italian Lira, the Latin word libra, meaning, in this case, pound, and illustrating ancient Roman colonialism.

11. All of them. In fact, the eleven highest mountains in the U.S. are in Alaska.

12. Florida is home of the oldest known continuously-inhabited European settlement. Tallahassee was established in 1539, and St. Augustine in 1565. The next oldest city, Hampton, Virginia, was established in 1610. But note: the Cahokia Mounds, outside St. Louis, Missouri, represent a locale that archaeologists assert "was inhabited from about AD 700 to 1400. At its peak .... covered nearly six sq. miles and had a population as great as 20,000.... Houses were arranged in rows and around open plazas, and the main agricultural fields lay outside the city".

13. Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana

14. The answer varies, depending on where you are in the year! At the equinoxes, with the sun directly over the Equator, you would have to go west at 1038.73 mph; at the solstices, when the sun lies at 23.45 degrees of latitude, your westbound speed would only have to be 953 mph. For dates in between, your speed would have to be in between as well.

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