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Geography Quiz #3

A Selection of Bar Bets
In which the intuitive answer isn't always right.

1. Is Reno, Nevada east or west of Los Angeles?

2. Going from the Atlantic to the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, what is your direction of travel -- east or west?

3. Which state goes further north -- Maine or Idaho?

4. The mainland U.S. is approximately 3000 miles from East to West, and so is China. The U.S. has 4 time zones. How many time zones does China have?

5. Which of the 50 states are furthest North, South, East, and West?

6. Which city is furthest west -- Pensacola, FL, Indianapolis, IN, or Louisville, KY?

7. Which city is further East -- New Orleans, LA, or Chicago, IL?

8. Which country in Europe, with its dependencies, has the largest area?

9. What is the most popular city name in the U.S.: Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Fairview, Franklin, Midway, or Oak Grove?

10. Match country and currency.

a. Dollar 1. Zimbabwe
b. Peso 2. Guinea Bissau
c. Pound 3. Sudan
d. dinar 4. Tunisia
e. Lira 5. Turkey
f. Franc 6. Djibouti
g. Shilling 7. Uganda

11. Of the 10 highest mountains in the U.S., how many are in Alaska?

12. In which state in the U.S. will you find the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement? The oldest known settlement?

13. Give the present names of these three colonial holdings in Central and South America: British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, French Guiana.

14. The Earth rotates around its axis at a rate of 1038.73 mph. If you were piloting an airplane, and wanted to fly so that you would keep the sun directly overhead all the time, how fast would your ground speed have to be, and in which direction would you have to fly?

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