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Geography Quiz #2 – ANSWERS

1.  False. From Atlanta, it's about 590 miles to Chicago, and over 600 to Miami.

2.  True. Slightly more than 6 miles west of Santa Barbara.

3.  False. The curves in the isthmus have resulted in a bizarre situation where a traveler from Atlantic to Pacific must go from west to east.

4.  False. The quickest route is south, not north, to get to Canada.

5.  True. Washington, DC is about 160 miles WEST of New York, and only about 125 miles SOUTH of it.

6.  False. But Lake Michigan does.

7.  False. If you drive, it's 850 miles to Key West, and only 810 to Tulsa; as the crow flies, however, it's about 100 miles farther to Tulsa than to Key West.

8.  False. The northern tip of Virginia is 35 miles NORTH of Cape May, NJ.

9.  False. Mt. McKinley has had winds over 200 m.p.h., but Mt. Washington, NH, had winds measured at 231 m.p.h. on 4/12/34.

10. False. Hawaii is the southernmost state, by almost 400 miles.

11. False. Near Trumansburg, NY, Taughannock Falls plummets 215 feet, 35 feet further than Niagara's largest drop.

12. True. Four states meet at the "four corners" of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

13. False. Florida is 80 miles closer.

14. False. Just the opposite is true. ALL of South America is EAST of Jacksonville.

15. False. Only one of New York City's five boroughs is on the mainland. Manhattan and Staten Island are islands in their own right, and Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. Only the Bronx is on the mainland.

16. False. Alaska has only two time zones, making a one hour difference between the eastern and western points. Between San Francisco and Boston there is a three hour time difference.

17. False. North America has the longest coastline, estimated at over 200,000 miles; Asia is next, at 155,000 miles. South America's coastline is barely 20,000 miles long.

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