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. Mapping the World
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If: A Mind-Bending New Way of 
Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers
David J. Smith
A Mind-Bending New Way
Of Looking at Big
Ideas and Numbers

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This Child, Every Child: A 
Book for Children About the Rights of Children
This Child Every Child
David J. Smith
A Picture Book About
The Rights of Children
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If the World Were a Village SECOND EDITION
If the World Were a Village

David J. Smith

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If America Were a Village
If America Were a Village
David J. Smith
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Links Regarding How Many Countries In The World (11/08)

United Nations Member States

The UN web site's own list of member nations.

US State Department's List of Independent States

The US State Department maintains this list of Independent States in the world; there is also a link to the State Department's list of Areas of Special Sovereignty.

CIA World Factbook Country Index

The CIA maintains an authoritative database of relevant facts about every country and special area in the world. This is the top page of that section of their website, with a pulldown menu so you can select and read about any country of your choice. -- list of Name Changes Since 1990

David Smith's own list of new countries and name changes since 1990.

ISO Country Names and Elements

The International Organization for Standardization maintains the authoritative list of 2-letter and 3-letter abbreviations for countries, such as you see on automobiles all over Europe -- AT for Austria, BE for Belgium, and TR for Turkey. This is their master list of 2-letter codes. The Internet Resources Agency, RIPE, maintains their own list of 2-letter and 3-letter codes.

Internet Assigned Numbers Authorit TLD Database

The IANA is the final authority in the assignment of top-level domains (TLD's) -- such as .AR for Argentina, and .UK for the United Kingdom. This is their list of domains.

Wikipedia List of Sovereign States

The Wikipedia page listing sovereign states, with links to various other related lists found within Wikipedia.

NationMaster List of Micronations

An Australian site, NationMaster has a huge amount of information, much of it borrowed from the CIA world factbook and then displayed in ways that make data more relevant. This link is to their page on the micronation movement.

Links Regarding China and India (04/07)

The iWatch Indian-China Page

This is a page from iWatch, an Indian "Good Government" site; this particular page compares India and China, from an Indian Perspective.

World Hunger -- India

The page about India and hunger on the UN's World Food Programme website.

World Hunger -- China

The page about China and hunger on the UN's World Food Programme website.

Special Report from 2003 on AsiaSource

AsiaSource, which is a web resource of The Asia Society, has a variety of content about countries and cultures and people in Asia. This article is slightly outdated, but has some good points. Be sure to go to the backlink, to see and explore the whole Asia Society site.

HBS Working Knowledge article

An article from the Harvard Business School's "Working Knowledge" pages. Use the search box to explore for other articles about topics of interest.

Google Search for India vs China

Just to save you some time -- here's a google search for India vs China all set for you -- just click.

National Geographic Lesson Plan

A lesson plan on the NGS Xpeditions pages. Students gather population statistics for the two countries, read about population issues in both places, and determine whether India should adopt a one-child policy like the one implemented by the Chinese government.

Tourism and General Information on China and India

Virtual Tourist

A member-driven website with over 500,000 members from over 200 countries and territories sharing their experiences and tips and evaluations of places to visit, places to stay, places to eat. If you're planning a trip anywhere, it's worth checking here to read some of the latest tips. The "who we are" for the site says the members contributions are "unbiased"; clearly this is not so. There are all kinds of biases presented here; example: you'll see the same hotel panned for being "too small" or "too distant" and also being praised for being "lovely and small" and "an easy bus ride from town". So read with an open mind. Lots of valuable insights here.

Country Reports

"Country information from around the world on over 260 countries", this site provides country information from around the world. It is an excellent resource for business, tourists, students and teachers. It includes both basic data -- such as maps, flags, and national anthem sound files -- and more detailed information and links for all the countries of the world.

Lonely Planet World Guide

From the producers of the Lonely Planet guides. Select a region, then a country, and you can read about -- and see pictures of -- the country. More "tourist-oriented" than many "World Guide" sites, but all the facts a traveler could want plus basic history and other related information.

TravLang World Languages Site

Traveling somewhere new this year, and worried about the language barrier? One good place to begin is TravLang. Select the language you speak, and the language you wish to learn, and the site returns a collection of word lists -- basic words, numbers, shopping/dining, travel, directions, places, and time and dates. After you've reviewed the list, you can take a little test on the words and phrases.

U.S. State Dept Travel Information Pages

Read public announcements about immediate warnings and dangers, read consular information sheets about every country in the world, read their "tips for travelers", and also read all kinds of visa and passport information. Page also includes links to US embassies and consulates worldwide, and to other government sites.

Around the World In 80 Books

A nifty site for world travelers or those who are interested in the world; the site reviews books, modern and classic, that can teach us something about some place in the world. You can search for books by specific or general location (looking for a novel about Afghanistan or a non-ficton book about Colorado, for example) or you can just browse. Powerful and interesting site, with a "submission" feature and a growing list of books.

Sheppard Software Geography Games

A vast array of free geography games; games on the whole world, on specific regions, on individual countries. Extensive, well-developed, and fascinating. Check out Asia in particularly.


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