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Airport Parking - Stansted and others

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Heathrow Airport Parking -- airport maps, photos, and information

U.S. Military Installations

U.S. Air Force Bases

Comprehensive Listing of Airline Websites

ICAO Website Links Page -- all the links the ICAO thinks are useful

IATA's Travel Centre Country Information page

FAA Form 5010 for every US airport, heliport, seaplane base, ultralight.

Links for Travelers; all kinds of resources and help for travelers

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Links For Travelers
(no reservations sites here, just help and information)

Visited Countries

Select in the table the names of countries you've visited, and the software will produce a map for you with those countries highlighted. You can download and print the map, or put it on a website or blog by pasting a bit of code they send with the completed map.


The first site I go when I'm visiting a new city or staying in a new hotel. They have thousands of members, and reviews of every imaginable restaurant and hotel in nearly every city in the world. Their hotel rankings are dependable -- tiny little mom-and-pop hotels are just as likely to rank first as a big luxury chain hotel -- and the write-ups by fellow travelers make good reading. As with Virtual Tourist, below, there are some contradictions -- one person may say "bathroom is too small" while another says "the bathroom was generous". Take every review with a grain of salt, and look at the larger picture; also take in to consideration the number of reviews submitted (the hotel's rating will say "based on 35 reviews" or whatever; the larger that number, the more likely the rating is to be accurate).

Google Globe Trotting

One of the most informative of the mushrooming number of sites using features of google maps and google Earth to do something interesting and useful. Here, users submit labeled images which they have been able to identify among the highest-resolution google Earth imagery.

Virtual Tourist

A member-driven website with over 500,000 members from over 200 countries and territories sharing their experiences and tips and evaluations of places to visit, places to stay, places to eat. If you're planning a trip anywhere, it's worth checking here to read some of the latest tips. The "who we are" for the site says the members contributions are "unbiased"; clearly this is not so. There are all kinds of biases presented here; example: you'll see the same hotel panned for being "too small" or "too distant" and also being praised for being "lovely and small" and "an easy bus ride from town". So read with an open mind. Lots of valuable insights here.

Country Reports

"Country information from around the world on over 260 countries", this site provides country information from around the world. It is an excellent resource for business, tourists, students and teachers. It includes both basic data -- such as maps, flags, and national anthem sound files -- and more detailed information and links for all the countries of the world.

Lonely Planet World Guide

From the producers of the Lonely Planet guides. Select a region, then a country, and you can read about -- and see pictures of -- the country. More "tourist-oriented" than many "World Guide" sites, but all the facts a traveler could want plus basic history and other related information.

Airport Codes's list of all the airport codes in the world. Included are the three-letter FAA and IATA codes, the 4-letter GPS and ICAO codes. Search by code, airport name, place, province, country.

Foreign Exchange Map

Ever wonder how your country's currency is doing, compared to others? Probably you hear on a regular basis how it does compared to the U. S. dollar. But what about against the Ghanaian cedi or the Nicaraguan cordoba? carries all that information, updated daily. More interesting from a cartographic point of view is that all that can be mapped. Using a java applet, the change of a currency against all other currencies can be mapped so you can see how your currency is doing relative to the entire world, not just the USD. Opens with US/Germany, but select any two countries and select "1 day" and it redraws the map for you.

The 50 States

This site on the fifty states (and the U.S. commonwealths and territories) has information such as: location (latitude and longitude), birds, colleges and universities, constitutions, flowers, genealogical resources, geological formations, geographical features, mottos, national forests and parks, newspapers, nicknames, nonprofit organizations, populations, state and federal representatives, songs, and the date of entry into the union. All facts are linked to over 1529 governmental or authoritative webpages.

TravLang World Languages Site

Traveling somewhere new this year, and worried about the language barrier? One good place to begin is TravLang. Select the language you speak, and the language you wish to learn, and the site returns a collection of word lists -- basic words, numbers, shopping/dining, travel, directions, places, and time and dates. After you've reviewed the list, you can take a little test on the words and phrases.

Michelin European Route Planner

From Michelin, a very comprehensive and highly accurate route-planning website. You can give a specific address, a station or airport, or just "central" for your departure site and destination, and before it draws your route, the program gives you several choices to improve the accuracy of your map. You can also bring up maps by postcode, city, region, or country, as well as all kinds of information. (Note: by default, this page assumes you're in the UK, but that has no effect on driving directions between any two countries.)


A small and easy-to-use site that processes any two cities of your choice and gives back the Latitude and Longitude of each, plus the distance and bearing between them. A nice feature is that the program also returns a map showing the two cities.

Great Circle Calculator

Like the site above. A very interesting site. Be sure to read the explanations and FAQ's. You can use lat/long or airport codes to get back the great circle route and distance between any two points on the Earth. Fascinating to look at the routes in detail. Look at SIN-LAX (Singapore to Los Angeles, presently the longest non-stop route flown by any carrier), or the other super-long routes, such as HKG to ORD (Hong Kong to Chicago). There are plans for a Sydney-to-Rio schedule sometime this year; take a look at that route -- directly over Antarctica.

U.S. State Dept Travel Information Pages

Read public announcements about immediate warnings and dangers, read consular information sheets about every country in the world, read their "tips for travelers", and also read all kinds of visa and passport information. Page also includes links to US embassies and consulates worldwide, and to other government sites.

Around the World In 80 Books

A nifty site for world travelers or those who are interested in the world; the site reviews books, modern and classic, that can teach us something about some place in the world. You can search for books by specific or general location (looking for a novel about Afghanistan or a non-ficton book about Colorado, for example) or you can just browse. Powerful and interesting site, with a "submission" feature and a growing list of books.


EarthDesk replaces your static desktop picture with a real-time rendered image of the earth, continuously updating in the background while you work. Features include eleven separate map projections, both satellite and political maps, accurate sun and moon lighting, and on the photomosaic satellite maps, you can see city lights in nighttime areas. A great desktop feature.

Sheppard Software Geography Games

A vast array of free geography games; games on the whole world, on specific regions, on individual countries. Extensive, well-developed, and fascinating.


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