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. Mapping the World
By Heart
 Completely revised and updated.
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Sample Geography Quizzes and link to order more

Links and Information For Home Schoolers

Useful Thoughts on Maps and Education

Overseas Schools, Regional Associations & Related Organizations

A Wide Variety of Geographic and Educational Links

This Week's And Previous Hot Links

Canadian Sites, and U.S. State Geographic Alliances

Links for Travelers; all kinds of resources and help for travelers

Government, School, and Commercial Geographic Links

Islamic Information and Geographic Resources

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A Selection of Geography Quizzes

Teachers be sure to check out #9 for classroom or library use.

Additional quizzes, and other resources, now available. Click Here to get more information about ordering sets of geography quizzes.

  • Geography Quiz #1
    Global Geography and Cultures
    Multiple Answers and Complex Situations
  • Geography Quiz #2
    Which Way From Here
    Answer True or False to Each Question
  • Geography Quiz #3
    A Selection Of Bar Bets
    In which the intuitive answer isn't always right.
  • Geography Quiz #4
    Extreme Trivia
    In which we wonder about various global extremes
  • Geography Quiz #5
    Questions About Canada
    In which we test our knowledge of our neighbor and friend
  • Geography Quiz #6
    Questions About Central America and the Caribbean
    In which we take a tour of Americans' #1 Winter Travel Destination
  • Geography Quiz #7
    The Use Of Apostrophes In Geographic Names
    Try your orthographic prowess on these North American names --
    they all appear possessive, but only some use apostrophes.
    Which ones?
  • Geography Quiz #8
    Questions About South America
    In which we take a tour of our neighbor to the Southeast
    (yes, all of South America is EAST of Florida!!
  • Geography Quiz #9
    Global Questions With Numerical Answers
    Find answers on-line or in your library; add them up to
    check your work! Teachers -- download this and try it as a
    library resource drill. Works well in pairs.
  • Geography Quiz #10
    Sets of Three Or Four
    Each question is a set of three or four places, names, features,
    etc. Figure out what each one is, and then figure out what all the
    items have in common.

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